What to expect – Early Sobriety

Everyone’s journey to becoming alcohol-free varies from person to person. Some people experience a “rock bottom” moment where they have no choice but to stop drinking. You don’t have to end up in jail and lose everything in order to make the decision to ditch the booze. Once you make the decision to quit here is what you can expect in the first 30 days and beyond.

A few benefits you can look forward to this month:

-Better sleep

-Improved mood

-More energy

-Loose water some weight

24-72 hours: This is when everything starts to get worse before it gets better. The first few days just suck. If you are physically addicted to alcohol this time can be extremely dangerous. Detoxing on your own can be deadly so it’s best to contact your doctor. Generally speaking, you can expect headaches, nausea, shaking and extreme irritability.

You might feel like you are just doing everything you can to not drink. Your skin might itch, and everything might feel like gloom and doom. It’s a time when things will feel not ok, all the time.

30 days: Sugar and carbs might become your best friend. Cut yourself some slack, the goal here is to not drink. Not become 100% perfect in all aspects of your life. Focusing on not drinking should be a priority.

90 days: Some experience a bit of a letdown during this time, the pink cloud might come and go or fade away fast. The physical benefits and newness start to normalize, and this can take a mental toll. You might start to forget why you quit and start to romanticize booze again. Staying connected to a support group is critical during this time.

6 months:  Getting to 6 months is a big deal and you’ll feel a buildup to get to that accomplishment.  After 6 months you might feel a bit of a let-down and a sense of what’s next. This is common when you start to hit the big dates. It’s important to remember to take it one day at a time. I made the mistake around this time that I thought I was fine and no longer needed medications. This was a big mistake. I felt fine because the medication was working, and my body was starting to get back to feeling ok.

9 months: By this time hopefully you’ll have several sober “firsts” under your belt. Birthday parties, holidays and maybe even travel. Your sober muscles are getting stronger

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