Build a less boozy culture...
Small changes can lead to a huge impact on morale, productivity & company spend.

Book me to speak at your next event to share my own personal journey to recovery. This investment will speak volumes to your employees and show your support to anyone that might have a future problem or currently struggling. 

Review of current benefit plans to ensure optimal recovery support for employees & dependents. Vendor marketing, vetting, and recommendations. 

HR, Executive & Manager trainings on best practices on how to support employees. 

Employee communication on perks, events, and ideas on how to build a less boozy culture.  

Companies can unintentionally promote problematic drinking within the culture. Offering hangover time off, we are on top in the break room or a few more obvious examples of promoting a drinking workforce. But what may seem like an inexpensive “perk” leads to additional spending on benefits and a loss in productivity.

As an employer, you likely have policies and protocols in place for those struggling with alcohol addiction. Employees that do have a problem with alcohol will likely not ask their employer for help until it’s too late. If they are already missing work or have a laundry list of “incidents” it’s already too late. A company that supports the well-being of employees is the goal. That means providing support for employees and their dependents regardless if there is a “problem” or not. Culture change is about supporting the gray area drinker, which may be more prevalent than you realize.

Employees want to feel taken care of by their employees. A true well-being program includes all aspects of mental health. Included in that is providing the right support that employees need on their time. Unfortunately, directing employees to the EAP is no longer enough. Contact me now to get a full review of your current programs and policies.